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is it a good collaboration that creates the best match"

"Headhunting is a craft but essentially 

Choosing Headhunter is a big decision for your business! The search industry is large, and the choice can be difficult, as we seem similar on the surface. Nevertheless, there is a big difference in our results. A result that is created in the cooperation between you and us. Our experience shows that we create the greatest value for our customers when we go from being a point solution to a regular partnership. Therefore, we encourage you to let us into the business and involve you as a customer in the process. The best matches are made after long-term cooperation with our customers, where we know your DNA and culture and can fully match expectations between you and the candidate. A strong collaboration is the best way to get the best people into your company. And it is precisely the people who make a company strong in the end.

Peer Oman - Group IT Director, Bunker Holding Group

In our collaboration, Coresearch has managed to deliver several relevant candidates of high quality. In a "hot" IT job market, they manage to enter into a dialogue with the candidates and thereby there has been a fast and steady flow of qualified profiles.

They have until now, delivered on all our recruitments. My best recommendations from here.

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