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With regards to GDPR, we need your permission to keep your resume on file as it is about your skills and what you have accomplished in your carrier. We need you to approve or disaprove before submitting your application below.


Statement of consent regarding retention of CV for 18 months as well as any. submission of applications with attachments (including, for example, CVs, exam papers, etc.)


We need to:

Keep your resume for 18 months in our candidate database for recruitment for positions other than the job you have applied for. The purpose is so we can get in contact / recruit you for a matching position.

We need to:

Pass on your submitted application with appendix (including, for example, CV, exam papers, etc.) to our customer, after an initial meeting we agree to present you to a specific position. The purpose of the transfer is that you can be recruited for a specific position with our clients.

You can revoke your consent at any time. To revoke your consent, please contact us on this email

You can find more information about our processing of your personal information by reading our privacy policy, which can be found here:

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