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We have 20 years of experience with IT Headhunting  

Established in 2001, CoreSearch Vision A/S was named to reflect our mission: pinpointing core competencies in candidates for our esteemed clients. We prioritize open, genuine, and confidential dialogues with all our candidates and clients. We cherish and uphold our sterling reputation in the industry, never compromising our values or presenting things in a light that's not genuine. While expertise is essential, we place a special emphasis on aligning the personal fit.

Our network grows organically through recommendations, a testament to our commitment and integrity. We believe in fostering long-term, mutually rewarding relationships, always leading with heart, conscience, and utmost integrity.

Our values remain


Katarina Merle Rasmussen

CEO / Headhunter

Katarina is the heart and dynamism of CoreSearch. Over the past two decades, she's been the architect of our story, exuding immense passion for the profession, our company, clients, and candidates. With her nurturing nature, Katarina consistently offers invaluable guidance and support to the team.

+45 2222 1012

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Anders Thorning


With over two decades in the IT sector as a specialist and leader, Anders brings a wealth of experience. He possesses a keen ability to listen and articulate desires and expectations. Beyond his profound IT expertise, Anders' warm humor and delightful character infuse our daily interactions with joy and laughter.

maiken portræt 2.jpg

Maiken Nielsen


Maiken, with her extensive background in HR and over a decade of expertise with test tools, is a master at identifying top talent. Her exceptional service orientation, coupled with her inventive and unique mindset, keeps us on our toes and often pleasantly surprised. Not to mention, her adorable dog has charmingly become the unofficial mascot of CoreSearch.

+45 2222 1015

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Jan Lehto


With a rich history in the IT sector and leadership roles within the financial domain, Jan transitioned seamlessly into headhunting. His meticulous, grounded approach, combined with his vast experience, positions him as an exceptional talent scout. Jan possesses a keen sense for potential career trajectories, strategic insights, and a meticulous attention to detail. On a lighter note, Jan cultivates wine at his personal vineyard in Omø, a treat we all eagerly anticipate.

+45 2272 6716

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At CoreSearch, our aim extends beyond borders. We're committed to making a positive impact both locally and globally, proudly supporting these organizations annually.

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