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We have 20 years of experience with IT Headhunting  

CoreSearch Vision A/S was founded in 2001 – the name was chosen because it describes exactly what we work with – we search for core competencies in our candidates on behalf of our clients. We emphasize having a confidential and serious, but also present dialogue with all candidates and customers. We live off our good reputation in the industry and do not compromise on our values - we do not try to cut a heel or stub a toe to make the job sound better or the candidate to be a better fit for the position. In addition to the professional aspect, it is especially the personal aspect that we match.


We get new candidates through the recommendation of others and keep the rings in the water spreading. We can only do this if we include our heart and conscience in our cooperation with people. We are looking for a long and rewarding collaboration for all parties with great integrity and conscience.

"We do not compromise on our values"


Katarina Merle Rasmussen

CEO / Headhunter

Katarina is the woman and driving force behind CoreSearch. Katarina has written our history over the past two decades, and there is no doubt about her great passion for the profession, the company, the customers and the candidates. Katarina is caring and loving, and she is always ready with good advice and support for the rest of us.

+45 2222 1012

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Anders Thorning


Anders comes from more than 20 years in the IT industry, where he was a specialist and manager.  He is eminent at listening and knows how to convey wishes and expectations. In addition to our admiration for Anders' high professional IT insight, we also thrive in his company, where his warm humor and wonderful personality spread smiles every day.

+45 xxxxxxxx

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maiken portræt 2.jpg

Maiken Nielsen


Maiken has many years of experience from HR and has worked with test tools for more than ten years. She is a strong researcher and finds the best of the best. Maiken has a great and loving service gene and a creative and quirky brain, which surprises the rest of us daily. Maiken has the loveliest little dog, which has become CoreSearch's very own mascot.

+45 2222 1015

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Jan Lehto


Jan has many years of experience from the IT industry and has held several leadership roles in the financial sector before joining Headhunting. Jan is careful, down-to-earth and his broad experience and insight make him a superb researcher. Jan has a good eye for possible career paths, strategy and great attention to detail. Jan grows wine at his very own vineyard on Omø, which the rest of us look forward to tasting.

+45 2272 6716

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At CoresSearch, we want to help make a difference both nationally and internationally. That is why we support the following organizations every year.

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