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IT Rekruttering & Headhunting af Specialist

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CoreSearch Vision A/S was founded in 2001 – the name is chosen because it describes
precisely what we do - we search for core competencies in our candidates on behalf of our

We know the IT industry in Scandinavia from the inside and are familiar with the high demands
and qualifications required here. We are familiar with all technologies and understand the
countless technical abbreviations and new terms. Therefore, we can come close to the
specialists, ask the right questions, and pressure tests them on their skills and roles.

Not only the brain, but to a great extent also our hearts help us see through a good match, and
it only works well because we thoroughly familiarize ourselves with each task we are given -
EVERY time! We emphasize having a confidential and serious, but also straightforward tone
with our candidates and our clients.

We live of having a good name in the industry and do not compromise on our values. In addition to the professional aspect, it is especially the personal aspects that we match. We are looking for long and rewarding collaborations for all parties with great integrity and conscience.

Our experience shows that we create the most significant value for our clients when we evolve
from being a point solution to an enduring partnership. Therefore, we also encourage you to
develop a confidential relationship with your headhunter. Include us in your company and
involve yourself as a client in the process.

The best matches are made after long-term cooperation with our clients, when we know your
DNA and culture as well as all history, good or bad, and can fully align expectations between
you and the candidate.


A strong partnership is the best way to get the best people into your company. And in the end, it is the people that makes a company.

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Katarina Merle Rasmussen

CEO / Headhunter

Mobile: +45 2222 1012

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Natalie Vetlev


Mobile: +45 2222 1013

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Maiken Nielsen


Mobile: +45 2222 1015

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Jan Lehto


Mobile: +45 2272 6716

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