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Our intuition is our DNA

Yes, now it's been said out loud: It's not just reading a CV, a LinkedIn profile, fine educations, smart suits or other bling bling that makes us good matchmakers. It is our many years of experience and "feel for gold" that make the difference. Or put another way; a combination of understanding the client's organization, their DNA and corporate religion, which enables us to match a candidate with the right company.

Too many aggressive CV pushers

The headhunting industry as a whole could use an upgrade or perhaps a consolidation these years. There is simply no room for so many aggressive Danish and foreign so-called "CV pushers" in an already small industry. It hurts the industry as a whole, and it puts us in a bad light with the candidates, who ultimately lose the desire to talk to another headhunter, as the risk that the candidate has already been contacted by a lot of rogue headhunters is high. Behavior which is deplorable and harmful to our industry.


The industry is moving in the wrong direction

The description is spot on. The industry has become more crude, self-congratulatory and superficial. We completely agree that this is unfortunately the trend and that the industry is unfortunately moving in the wrong direction.

We must keep up with the times – use social media and virtual databases. Of course - one is tempted to say. It is probably implicit in running a modern business today, but we do believe that, above all, we must stick to the "craft" of headhunting, where it is people and professional organizations, feelings, talents and dreams that we bring with us to do!

The candidates are our gold

The candidates are our gold, and at Coresearch we cherish each and every one of them.

This means that we follow them all the way to the door, make sure they get and deliver what was agreed in the process. After employment, we maintain the dialogue with them and also know where they are moving to when they choose to change jobs again later.

We live off our good reputation and create connections through the word-of-mouth method. We get new candidates through the recommendation of others and keep the rings in the water spreading. We can only do this if we include our heart and conscience in our cooperation with people. So yes, it's great with new digital methods and social media, which are certainly a spice to the toolbox, but we still maintain that "old-fashioned headhunting" is a classic craft that must be protected.


17 years of experience makes a difference

 We have worked with specialists in the IT industry for the past 17 years, and we do not sell heads. With us, we match people with companies that can create results together. We do not choose candidates based on a CV or just a sharp brain, but based on who the person is and how she/he got there.


The special talents

How do we know we are facing a special talent?

We know the industry, use our intuition, feeling and our experience through many hundreds of interviews with IT specialists, managers and sales people. Not only the brain, but to a large extent also our hearts help to see through a good match, and it only works well because we thoroughly familiarize ourselves with each task we are given - EVERY time!

If we are to match unique people together, it is the alpha and omega that we know our customer's DNA. We will never be able to vouch for having to find a candidate for a company that we do not have some knowledge of. The best matches are made after long-term cooperation with the customers, where we know all the history, good and bad, and can fully match expectations between the candidate and the customer.

Clip a heel, chop a toe?

We also don't cut a heel or chop a toe to make a match work and don't push candidates into a position we don't believe is best for the candidate. Candidates are always asked to feel out, use their intuition, 6th sense or gut feeling to decide if this job and this company is really right for them?

We also don't just find our customers' new resources in a quick fix.

When we know our customer well, we advise them and spar with them about who can fit into the team and which - both personal and professional - skills we think the people should possess.

Good and bad rumors from the market can also be valuable information for our customers. We represent our customers and make a virtue of selling our customers correctly to all the candidates we come into contact with for a given task. And it can be many.

Make recruitment a couple race

Our experience shows that we create the greatest value for our customers when we go from being a point solution to a regular partnership. Therefore, we also encourage you to develop a confidential relationship with your headhunter. Bring the person into your company and involve yourself as a customer in the process. A strong collaboration here is the best way to get the best people into your company. And it is the people who make a company strong in the end.

The craft is the most important

Over the past few years, Henrik Andersen, former CEO of e-Boks, and we here at Coresearch have had a close partnership. He elaborates below on the factors that are the starting point for a recruitment collaboration to work:

"The most important thing is that they know their craft. That they can find the right candidates who fit with us. By the craft, I don't just mean that you can screen the candidates and check qualifications. But that you have a special talent for choosing the right ones.


At Coresearch, they are good at seeing the candidates in a larger context - this creates value for both the candidate and the company."

A collaboration built on trust

In addition to the craftsmanship, Henrik Andersen cuts down on the trust factor.

"You can't avoid trust either. Anyone can present a CV that matches the requirements of the job. But the value is created when the collaboration actually raises the quality of the employees, because the collaboration challenges our expectations for new hires, and we get more than we had initially planned".

Whole people, not resumes

e-Boks has experienced strong growth over the past 15 years. Henrik Andersen attributes a large part of the success to the many talented employees.

"When I have hired new employees, I have looked at the whole package. The employee must also function socially in the organization and contribute to the success of all of us. From that point of view, it is important that a recruitment partner knows us and knows their craft like Coresearch.”

When the profession is a matter of honor

Over time, Coresearch has helped to select both employees and management profiles. It is very rare that an appointment does not hit the mark. It provides good stability and continuity.

"I have had great value from Coresearch's candidate assessments, because I know they know their craft, and I know that it is a matter of honor for them to choose the candidates who can lift the company both today - and tomorrow."

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