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Senior Java Developer

Become part of a scale-up environment with strong team spirit

Do you want to be part of a development team that continuously works together on discovering new opportunities for delivering value to customers and business? And would you like to work in a company, where they strongly believe that working closely together across departments and teams helps collaborate on designing and building better solutions for their customers, but also creates a better working environment.


We are looking for a developer with a curious mindset and strong social skills. Since you will be spending a lot of time working together, it might as well be fun doing so. Contributing to a pleasant and relaxing environment is the key at Bekey (no pun intended). They believe in working together as a team and helping each other the best they can.

Tasks and responsibilities:

· Develop high-quality, well-tested, well-documented software

· Develop and support Netkey (our browser-based administration panel)

· Develop new browser-based tools

· Create integration tools for internal or external use

· Together with DevOps refine and define our long-term deployment and release processes

· Cooperate with Product Owners and Product Managers on discovering opportunities and defining features

· Cooperate with the rest of the development team during investigations related to e.g., support requests

· Communicate with external partners

Role requirements:

You have 5 years minimum of professional experience in Software Engineering and are a Full stack proficient – nobody is perfect, but you’ve dabbled in the different domains.

Solid analytical and problem-solving skills paired with the ability to develop creative and efficient solutions and you have a deep understanding to always navigate between the immediate impact of a feature and the technical debt incurred by its implementation. You are able to carefully weigh the pros and cons and make a choice in favor of the company and the team - and experience with any of the following technologies:

· Amazon AWS

· Languages/Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Struts, Hibernate, EJB, WebServices, REST, CSS, Angular

· Development Tools: IntelliJ IDEA

· Application/Web Servers: JBoss, Apache Tomcat

· DBMS: PostgreSQL

· Middleware/Applications: Git, Maven, Gradle, CI, Jenkins

· Processes/Tools: Scrum, JIRA, Confluence


Bekey is scale-up based in Søborg, and part of the established North Media group along with our successful sister companies, Boligportal and FK Distribution – just to name a few.

They provide digital access for professionals within distribution, homecare, and other segments. The goal is to make their work/everyday life easier and to deliver a pleasant and safe user and customer experience doing so.

At the heart of Bekey, they are building a new Product Department, with Developers and Product Owners- managed by the CTO. They are working in planned 2-week sprints to secure an agile approach to product development. Furthermore, they work with a structured and sustainable approach to continuous product discovery, which gives the confidence to explore opportunities that can potentially meet customer needs.

At Bekey they strongly support and encourage a healthy work/life balance. Getting work done is important, but so is taking care of your hobbies, your family, and your friends. Working at Bekey should be fun and inspiring, even when they are running late on a deliverable or faced with interesting challenges.

Benefits and perks that you can get at Bekey:

· Flexible work hours and working from home when needed

· Social events with your colleagues

· Competitive compensation package incl. pension and healthcare

· Working with a team that inspires you and works together to achieve industry-changing goals

· A transparent work environment based on trust

· Career and professional growth

Bekey A/S is a subsidiary of North Media A/S which is a listed media group in Nasdaq, Co. Today, North Media A/S has a turnover of approximately DKK 1 bn. and more than 550 employees.

For more information, please contact CoreSearch at +45 7026 0326 or sent us a mail at


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